BLACKPINK's Lisa will dominate the music industry without the three other members of the K-pop girl group.

BLACKPINK's fans, BLINK, can no longer contain their feelings after the group's main rapper and main dancer will finally take over the stage alone.

On the group's official Twitter account, it announced that Lisa is "Coming Soon" literally, hinting at the long-awaited solo debut.

Lisa is Coming

The photo features a blurry image of the singer without the exact debut date. However, it is worth noting that YG Entertainment previously said that the member would make a solo debut this summer.

"Lisa will film the music video for her new song this week. She will be making her solo debut this summer," the agency said, as quoted by Soompi.

OSEN also reported last month that Lisa would finally film the music video for the solo track as part of her solo debut.

Of course, the members of the fandom flooded the post with messages to support Lisa since it had been a long time coming.

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On Twitter, BLINKs made sure that the rapper/dancer knows she will get a huge amount of support like Jennie and Rose.

One fan said, "Honestly, It's unbelievable that really happened. I already know this is gonna be insanely mega huge for sure. So be your self and do your best. I'll try my best too. Love yooooou xoxo."

"The way Lisa reconstructed and redefined what it meant to convey and obtain the concupiscent anomalistic clearance showing us that divine idiosyncrasy is ebulliently inevitable while simultaneously substantiating what its means to be a woman," another wrote.

YG Entertainment's Surprise for BLINKs

Apart from Lisa's solo debut, the entertainment already released its plans for the group this year.

In 2020, YG Entertainment told BLINKs that the BLACKPINK members would be releasing their solo tracks after the release of their first full album, "THE ALBUM." Jennie, Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo would drop their songs in a particular order.

As of the writing, Jennie and Rose already gifted their fans with their solo albums. In 2018, the lead vocalist made her solo debut with "SOLO." In March, Rose shared her first solo single album, "R."

After Lisa, BLACKPINK will release a movie this month as part of the group's fifth anniversary project titled "4+1 PROJECT."

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