Kanye West has done so many things in the past couple of weeks in anticipation of his much-awaited studio album, "Donda."

Everything except actually release the album.

The Grammy-winning rapper has released a stem playerahead of his third listening party for the upcoming album.

The player, which can be purchased on his website, costs $200 and will allow the listener to effortlessly loop songs, speed or slow down the pace of a song, and even the power to isolate different instruments.

Fans have mixed reactions to the new gadget release.

@Sadcrib noticed how the stem player looks so familiar, saying, "Why does this look like a goblin grenade?"

Upon learning that the gadget is worth $200, @McNuttMonica plans to do the remixing of songs manually, tweeting, "Guess I'll just be over here hittin buttons on my phone then."

A second person also said, "Lol, might as well use that garage band app."

Other fans, especially amateur creatives and producers, said this would be an excellent tool because they can play around with the music.

@Rawwdiamonds tweeted, "Only people who make beats or enjoy music for the instruments and sounds would love this."

Meanwhile, with the release of this stem player, fans believe that Kanye West's arch-nemesis Drake will also try to come up with something better.

@ReadTheBioNgga said, "Drake tryna figure out how to match this," along with a black and white picture of Champagne Papi looking serious and warned.

@Rawwestmanalive tweeted, "I'm a fan of both Ye and Drizzy but Drake could never do something like this. Only Kanye could."

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Kanye West's Third 'Donda' Listening Party

A third listening party is about to happen for Kanye West's album, "Donda."

Reports suggest that the event will be held on Aug. 26 at the Soldier Field in Chicago.

Tickets for the listening event already went on sale last Aug. 20, and it is expected that 38,000 fans will come.

Additionally, those going will not be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or don't have to provide any evidence they tested negative for the "Donda" event.

This is the only event requiring attendees to show proof, as events in Chicago required guests to provide some.

But Kanye's listening event will require everyone to wear masks, and the venue will also include fan areas, both indoor and outdoor.

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