BTS found more fortune in Hollywood, but it does not mean they forget where they came from.

In the past months, BTS notably established its own empire in the U.S. Although K-pop already dominated the world even before they debuted, the group made a different impact, leading to more success.

Although they already reached the top, they still practice what helped them become who they are now.

In a new interview with Billboard for its cover story, BTS spoke about humility even after scoring five chart-topping albums since they started performing.

According to the leader, RM, they have been avoiding "blowing their own horn" since 2017. The humility they practice reportedly saves them from having to pay back and fall someday.

Meanwhile, Suga noted that they came from a small company, Big Hit (now HYBE) entertainment. Long-time K-pop fans surely knew how BTS was once regarded as a nugu group since they did not come from the top entertainments in the industry.

With that, the rapper said it has been challenging for them since day one - and it still is now that they became an international phenomenon.

"We are not exceptional people - our plate is small. We're these rice-bowl-size guys getting so much poured into. It's overflowing," he said, adding, "My dream was never huge."

BTS Changed Their Life, World

From having no gigs at all, the group reached a point where they needed to work at least 28.5 days a month.

Having that hectic schedule, BTS' youngest member Jeon Jungkook revealed that it affected his health and somewhat stole part of their youths.

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Since the coronavirus pandemic halted their supposed tours, the member still missed having that type of schedule and performing in front of ARMYs.

The inspiring interview came after they announced the postponement of the "Map of the Soul" world tour. For now, they are up to go against award-winning musicians at the MTV Video Music Awards.

BTS scored nominations for song of the year, best pop video, best K-pop video, best choreography, and best editing in the upcoming award show.

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