Kanye West faces backlash after including controversial artists DaBaby and Marilyn Manson on his 'Donda' concert event at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois.

According to Daily Mail UK, the crowd was shocked to see the disgraced musicians as they walk out of West's childhood home replica on stage.

Both artists are currently facing a handful of controversies after DaBaby's homophobic tirade at the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami and Manson's series of sexual assault allegations.

Aside from the rapper's shocking appearance, fans are also disappointed after West replaced Jay Z with DaBaby on a track. On the other hand, Manson is not involved in the upcoming record; he was just brought to the stage.

At the time of this writing, Kanye West did not explain why he included the singers in his concert, but one fan took to Twitter to explain that the rapper recreated Jesus's crucifixion.

"Jesus surrounded himself with sinners #imagry Kanye's first DONDA party was a representation of hell. Second was purgatory And the 3rd concert happening now has a "heavenly" set design. That's my take at least," a fan wrote.

Fans Set Twitter On Fire

After photos and videos of the event circulated online, fans expressed their dismay on Twitter.

"There's no way having them go out and in a church could symbolize them being saved or coming to reconcile mistakes or maybe the fact its a church symbolizes how Christianity supports bad people or maybe it's no message & its just attention grabbing knowing how easy it is to get," one fan wrote.

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"Nah, that's him screaming for the attention he so desperately wants," another fan wrote.

"Why are you acting surprised that Kanye is a terrible person, Alex? This is old news. It's disappointing so many people are attending/covering this show," one tweeted.

Marilyn Manson, DaBaby's Series of Controversies

In early reports, the shock rocker faced a handful of sexual assault allegations after accusers came forward to expose Manson for his wrongdoings.

Numerous women, including Esme Bianco, claim that Manson became violent on several occasions; the first is a fan allegedly forced to drink piss in an event.

The other one was the singer's former assistant, who revealed that Manson had an alleged threatening behavior. The rock singer denied all of the allegations.

On the other hand, DaBaby made insensitive homophobic remarks during his set at a festival in Miami which lead celebrities to cancel him.

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