BTS V has become the subject of a viral post again after his fans started demanding his comeback in acting.

On theqoo's official website, fans flocked to talk about V's potential roles as an actor. The post noted that the BTS member could surely play both as protagonist and antagonist.

The post immediately gave birth to a petition to bring V to the acting spotlight again, with fans asking for "Actor Kim Taehyung" to come back.

As translated by allkpop, fans left comments to express their excitement and approval over the thought of him appearing on TV again.

One fan said, "He's so handsome and charismatic like game characters. He's perfect for characters in internet novels. Lol, I only saw his images, but I feel I've already seen a few novels."

"After I became a fan of BTS, I couldn't tell what kind of face V was his real face because of his various sides. Taehyung, show us your acting. I want to see it," another wrote.

Meanwhile, others also asked if he could appear in one whole movie or a Netflix original.

Actor Kim Taehyung on Demand

Aside from performing with BTS, V also works as an actor and remains the only member to have a notable role in a series as of the writing.

For what it's worth, he played the role of Suk Han Sung in the 2016 Korean drama "Hwarang." Since then, he never appeared in another series again, making fans demand him even more.

As for the reason why he never played a role again, Business Times reported that the reason is more than just his busy schedule with BTS. According to the news site, his talent fees tend to become the main problem.

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Currently, his talent fee already hit $177,000 per episode. Such a whopping amount cannot be afforded by any studio in Korea for someone who has not appeared in many series yet.

V reportedly landed his role in "Hwarang" since the producer thought he perfectly fitted as an innocent but positive person.

In addition, BigHit Entertainment, now HYBE, released a policy that disallows members of BTS to try solo activities that can affect their schedule in the band. Although they appear in several commercial deals, their work must still be related to BTS as long as they are under contract.

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