Kanye West's third and final listening event before he released "Donda" raised several eyebrows and dropped a few jaws after inviting controversial figures on stage with him in Chicago. 

Marilyn Manson, who has a pending lawsuit for sexual allegations and DaBaby, for his homophobic remarks at a music festival, joined Yeezy on stage. 

Now, if the reports are to be believed, it is also rumored that the Grammy-winning icon reached out to former President of the United States, Donald Trump, to grace his mega event. 

Radar Online reported that Kanye wanted the controversial former President to mark his attendance at the "Donda" listening party held at Soldier Field Stadium last Aug. 26.

An insider told the outlet that apart from Marilyn Manson and DaBaby and his estranged wife Kim Kardashian, Ye also wanted Trump to be there at the event. 

The insider said, "Kanye reached out to Donald Trump's team to get the former President to make an appearance alongside him and join DaBaby, Marilyn Manson, and Kim Kardashian in Chicago."

They added how the 43-year-old hip-hop star isn't afraid of any controversy. 

"Why else would he invite DaBaby after he spewed homophobic remarks and Marilyn Manson who has been accused by several women of sexual assault?"

Kanye West reportedly thinks that Trump attending the third "Donda" listening event would help sell his 10th studio album. 

It would also be a huge win for Kanye, a big supporter of Trump when he was running for presidency years ago, because "all press is good press." 

The "Gold Digger" hitmaker even wore a MAGA hat when he visited the oval office last time. 

But the insider said that fans should expect more controversial people to come out and more press stunts in the next few days. 

"I wouldn't put it past him to turn up with Bill Cosby."

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Fans immediately took to Twitter to air their thoughts, with a mixture of disbelief and disappointment. 

One Twitter user wished Trump should've gone on stage with Kanye, while another said that the four controversial people on one stage is a "fever dream."

"Don't act like Kanye having Trump on stage with him wouldn't have been one of the weirdest and craziest pop culture moments of all time that would've been surreal like something out of the f------ twilight zone. Kanye, Dababy, Marilyn Manson, and Donald f**king trump? Fever dream."

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