Kanye West's manager warned Drake that their feud could steal the spotlight again soon.

Following the announcement of Drake's upcoming album "Certified Lover Boy," Kanye's manager, Bu Thiam, revealed that the recently reoccurred feud might overdrive.

Per Thiam, Kanye and Drake are both cool despite the recent exchange. However, he revealed that the status of their relationship will still depend on the 34-year-old Canadian rapper's album.

"Listen, it's two creatives taking jabs at each other but it did get rectified," he said. "We'll see. [Drake's] album comes out, I think in a couple days, Friday, so depending on what he says on his album. We'll see."

Initially, Drake already blasted Kanye on Trippie Red's "Trip at Knight" album. On the "Betrayal" track, he rapped, "All these fools I'm beefin' that I barely know / Forty-five, forty-four (Burned out), let it go / 'Ye ain't changin' shit for me, it's set in stone."

Meanwhile, Consequence hit back and shared a tweet alleging that "Betrayal" disrespects him and his team. The "Jesus is King," meanwhile, posted Drake's address on his Instagram account. The since-deleted photo was a screenshot of a map that appears to show Drake's home address in Toronto.

Kanye West, Drake 12-Year Beef Timeline

The recent exchange of the two rappers is just a minuscule of what already happened between them in the past years.

Kanye and Drake met in 2008 when the latter got Cortez Bryant as his manager. Bryant's business partner, Gee Roberson, handled Kanye among his clients.

Although their beef outshined everything, the two actually established a friendship a year later. Kanye applauded Drake for having the best lines on his song "Every Girl." Drake, on the other hand, called him "the most influential" musician during his interview with MTV.

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They eventually appeared together on Jamie Foxx's "Digital Girl" before working together for "Find Your Love."

Although the work was actually smooth-flowing, Kim Kardashian's ex-husband never spoke ill about it in 2013, saying that he was fine not until Drake "got too big."

The beef seemingly began publicly when Drake was spotted with Kanye's then-recent ex, Amber Rose. Since then, the beef went on and made Drake set a goal in defeating Kanye.

"My goal is to surpass everything he's accomplished. I don't want to be as good as Kanye, I want to be better," he told The Source.

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