Jay Z unintentionally triggered Drake and Kanye West fans by featuring on "Donda" and "Certified Lover Boy."

Sources reported that the jokes began when Drake dropped his album "Certified Lover Boy," which had Jay Z on his song "Love All," just weeks after Kanye had his "Donda" listening party, which also boasted the Brooklyn native's name on "Jail pt. 2."

The "Young Forever" rapper managed to make it on top of Twitter's trending topics as fans create memes out of him. The funny thing is the stark difference between Jay's verse in Kanye's and Drake's track, as fans emphasized in most of their tweets.

Donda VS CLB

Most of the tweets are light-hearted jokes, but fans can't seem to stop themselves from comparing the two Jay-Z features saying Drake's track is better than Ye's. Although, some opinions may vary.

"Jay Z gave Kanye a 'Here n-gga, damn' verse then went to work hard for a Drake verse," one fan tweeted out.

While another wanted to have a word with Mr. West saying, "How Drake take your bestie Jay Z and make a better song? Kanye come outside."

"Kanye boutta go on a Twitter rant about how Jay Z and Cudi betrayed him [because] they worked on CLB," one user predicted.

  Of course, others can't avoid putting the two artists against each other with posts like "Jay Z on Donda vs Jay Z on CLB" and "Kanye and Drake [are] like coke and pepsi. Mostly bad for you, mostly the same thing."

"The biggest lesson to be learned from Jay Z, Drake and Kanye is that we don't need to be friends or even like each other to make money together," preached one fan.

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Jay-Z's Meme Central

The memes don't stop there as more variations of the same joke keep upgrading as more people hop on the trend.

This hilarious clip of Jay eyeing the crowd turned into a meme, "Jay Z looking for whose album he wants to feature on next after being on Drake and Kanye's [album]."

  "Jay Z when the check clears from his Kanye and Drake feature," tweeted one fan with another famous meme.

"Jay Z, Lil Durk, Lil Baby & Travis Scott going from Donda to CLB in the space of a week," one tweet read with a reaction video that kept getting reused.

Another picture of the rapper riding a speed boat appeared with the caption "Jay Z on his way to CLB after recording for DONDA."

"Jay Z when Drake told him if he jumps on CLB he'll call him the GOAT," one fan tweeted while attaching a hilarious 'Rick and Morty' meme.

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