Lee Sang Yeob has been called Jessi's boyfriend on the recent episode of "Sixth Sense."

On Friday, "Sixth Sense" aired its third episode where Sang Yeob and Jessi grew closer. The two even sparked dating rumors due to their interactions in the first two episodes of the show.

However, things seemingly became serious when Yoo Jae Suk said that the actor is Jessi's boyfriend.

The cast members complimented Sang Yeob and Jessi's outfits during the episode. Jae Suk quipped that they looked like they were going on a date. The rapper, however, explained that she does not dress like that whenever she is on dates.

"I don't dress like this when I go on dates. I loosen up one more button," she said as she tried loosening up her top's button.


In response to the shocking move by Jessi, Sang Yeob pushed her away after getting shocked by what she did. Jessi played him again and accused the actor of acting innocent.

When LOCO and GRAY came up in front of the camera, Jae Suk introduced Sang Yeob to the guests as Jessi's boyfriend. The Nation's MC drew more laughter as he claimed Oh Nara, Lee Mi Joo, and Jeon So Min is the "couple's sisters."

Although Sang Yeob is Jessi's boyfriend in the way fans do not expect it to be, rumors about their alleged relationship continuously surfaced.

 Are Sang Yeob, Jessi Dating?

During the previous episode of the show, they put more fuel to the fire as they had a lover's quarrel on-air.

After their fight, Jae Suk asked them about their real score.

"It seems like lovers are fighting in the park," he said. "Sang-yeop and Jessie, you guys are dating?"

Nara noted the "dating scandals" that emerged ever since Sang Yeob wants to get married soon. Jessi then confessed that he is her style.

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Both Sang Yeob and Jessi can be in a relationship right now as they are both free and single.

The 32-year-old rapper broke up with her boyfriend of two years last year. She opened up about it during her appearance on "The Manager" on Sept. 19, 2020.

At that time, she revealed that her ideal type changed following the split. Initially, she often named Ha Jung Woo as her ideal man.

"Yes, my [ideal type] has changed. Of course, Ha Jung Woo is extremely handsome, oh my God. It's not just that he's handsome, but he's really manly. I like manly guys, rather than men who are skinny and pale," she said.

Meanwhile, CelebsCouples noted that Sang Yeob had one relationship in the past but had never been previously engaged.

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