One of the producers said that Drake was only forced to give R. Kelly credits on his "Certified Lover Boy" album.

Drake's most-awaited album turned into disappointment after his fans saw R. Kelly's name on his "TSU" track. The disgraced R&B singer appeared on the album as the rapper used the orchestral samples from his "Half on a Baby" song.

This caused massive backlash online, as people questioned Drake over his decision to associate his name with R. Kelly.

However, one of the producers clarified that the rapper was only forced to credit R. Kelly on the album.

Noah "40" Shebib, one of the producers of "Certified Lover Boy" album, spoke up on Instagram and clarified why Drake credited R. Kelly as co-lyricist.

Although R. Kelly does not involve in the album's "TSU" track, his name needs to appear since they used "a sample of OG Ron c talking."


"Behind that faintly which you can't even hear is an r Kelly song playing in the background. It has no significance no lyrics are present, r Kelly's voice isn't even present but if we wanted to use Ron c talking we were forced to license it," he continued.

Shebib clarified that he does not defend Drake's lyrics, though. However, he pointed out that calling R. Kelly a co-lyricist is not appropriate at all. The producer reportedly found it wild since he just finished reading the biography of Aaliyah, who was previously married to R. Kelly.

Drake Suffered From More Backlash

Despite the explanation, internet users continue to call out Drake for the issues in the album.

One left a comment on the post and said, "I guess he had to since he used a sample of his production. One one hand i feel like he should have thought twice, but on the other R-kelly owes so much in back child support hopefully that money is diverted to his kids."

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"More so, him dedicating the album to two women who were victims of violence, fronting that he acknowledges his misogyny but all verses stay disrespecting women," another wrote.

Still, Drake's "Certified Lover Boy" dominated charts and broke records. Regardless of the issues, the album managed to become the most-streamed album in a single day on Spotify. It also became the most-streamed album of the year on Apple Music.

It serves as his first full-length album after "Scorpion."

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