Ice Cube reportedly almost killed someone because of $20.

Before the rapper-turned-actor starred in the comedy movies like "Are We There Yet," he already had a successful music career.

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Ice Cube witnessed several gun violence and saw what would happen if someone stepped out of the line.

In a recent interview with "In Depth with Graham Bensinger," he confessed to almost killed a drug addict who swindled his mom $20 with a "cockamamie story."

The 52-year-old "It Was A Good Day" rapper revealed that he was furious for "violating" him and his family and claimed to have almost killed the swindler around the corner, but he wasn't home.

"So thank God," O'Shea Jackson Sr., Cube's real name, said.

"Because we were young, we were mad, we had a weapon, and it was going to happen."

To this day, the rapper reportedly still thinks about what could've happened if he did kill the man - perhaps his life wouldn't be as lavish as it is now.

"It would've been stupid and I wouldn't be sitting here if it did happen," he continued. "Like I said, I'm glad he wasn't there, because nobody should die over $20."

Ice Cube Robbed

At the age of 12 years old, Ice Cube's sister was murdered.

He candidly talked about the topic in the same interview, which reportedly made him realize "how cruel the world can be" and "how something precious as your life can be taken away by somebody you know."

At that point, the "Ain't Got No Haters" admitted that life wasn't a joke.

The murder even made him become a serious person because Cube confessed it "robbed" his childhood.

"It took away a little bit of what it is to be a kid."

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Ice Cube Net Worth 2021

As of this year, Ice Cube has a reported net worth of $160 million and is considered one of the wealthiest rappers in the world.

He keeps himself busy starring in several movies, including "Jump Street" and the "Barbershop" franchises.

But like many successful artists, Ice Cube also started with humble beginnings.

He first became part of the group C.I.A. in 1987 and later became a full-time member with N.W.A. along with Dr. Dre, but he later left the group because of a contract dispute with the manager.

Cube went solo and immediately became a huge hit after releasing "America's Most Wanted."

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