iKON's Bobby is officially back, and it made iKONICs' hearts flutter again.

After six long years of performing, the members of the K-pop group iKON appeared together on their broadcast through NAVER's V Live.

The 46-minute broadcast showed interactions between the members: Jay, Song, DK, Ju-Ne, Chan, and the returning member, Bobby.

His return marked the first time since he halted his activities after making a surprise announcement last month about his marriage and the birth of his child. For what it's worth, the iKON member shocked his fans with the new milestone in his life through a letter on Instagram.

At one point in the broadcast, the rapper delivered a heartfelt message to the members and their fans, expressing his gratitude over the six years they already shared.

"There were many things we did during the six years but I think it would be good if we are able to see each other more. I want to meet the fans more and have conversations to get closer. Thank you for cherishing us for six years," he said, as quoted by AllKpop.

Meanwhile, fans celebrated his comeback by sharing messages to Bobby and congratulating them on the group's anniversary.

 One fan uploaded a clip from his recent appearance and wrote, "this is bobby's first appearance after the news im just happy he's out there with the members laughing & stuff."

"that was a real quick vlive! thank you for coming with our hearts, ikon! it's so nice seeing you after a while, especially bobby! we will see you on many more years, right? happy anniversary my boys," another wrote.

Bobby's New Look!

Aside from welcoming him back, fans also took their chance to notice Bobby's new hairstyle.

The Korean rapper appeared at the live event with his healthier and fluffier hair. The perm also highlighted his small eyes as the strands kept on covering them.

Some internet users even quipped that he looks like director Bong Joon-Ho, the famous Korean filmmaker who brainchild "Parasite."

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Bobby's return is just one of what the iKONICs celebrated this month. The group's former member, B.I., also shared good news as he received probation of four years over the charges for purchasing marijuana in 2016.

The final hearing only required him to cash out a hefty amount of money and conduct mandatory community service hours.

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