Throughout her career, Billie Eilish has been sporting funky hair colors; the singer's most notable style is her black locks with neon green roots; however, she recently bleached her hair to make it blonde for her latest era, but there's a deeper meaning behind the change of style.

In an interview with Elle magazine, the "Happier Than Ever" songstress revealed that she couldn't go anywhere with her former hairstyle because people would immediately notice her.

"I wanted anonymity," she said. Eilish's platinum blonde hair is a sense of freedom for her.

The singer also shared a story about being in public one time with a friend; she mentioned that she couldn't take her hood off because she was "terrified" of the paparazzi and her previous stalkers.

Her friend insisted that she take it off and assured her that nothing bad was going to happen. She eventually gave in and "felt like a new person."

Eilish clarified that her latest hairstyle had no intention to make the public think differently of her, and she's still the same person despite the change of style.

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Billie Eilish Explains Her Hair To Ellen DeGeneres

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres back in May, she didn't reveal the true reason why she dyed her hair blonde.

She told the host that she's been wanting to do the hairstyle for a while, and she didn't know what came over her.

Eilish was afraid that she wouldn't achieve the hairstyle that she wanted because her hair "has been through so much," but she was able to pull it off, and the whole process took six weeks.

"I thought of it as a dream. I didn't think it was gonna happen because my hair's been through so much. I thought I would burn it all off if I tried [to go blonde]. But I did it!" Eilish said. (via Glamour Magazine)

Billie Eilish's Hair Evolution

Since the beginning of her career, Eilish has been sporting different hair colors. In her first era with her debut single "Ocean Eyes," the singer had silver hair.

Following this, she went on to experiment with bolder colors such as lilac, deep blue, and teal in 2018, black in 2019, then finally, her signature neon green roots.

Before she went blonde earlier this year, Eilish also tried brunette hair color in her music video for "Xanny."

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