The anatomy of BTS' "Butter" has been disclosed by the song's creators in a new exclusive interview.

The K-pop boy group's hit song serves as the brainchild of songwriters Alex Bilo and Jenna Andrews. The masterpiece immediately broke records and set new historical milestones soon after its release.

Following those rides a few months after BTS dropped the song, "Butter" songwriters discussed its anatomy and how it became the voice of fans worldwide.

In a new exclusive interview with AllKpop, Andrews and Bilo detailed what they do as producers and songwriters. They also said that they are part of the K-pop boy group's fandom, ARMY.

According to Bilo, "Butter" served as the first song where he only worked as the lyricist since he usually does all the production and demo production.

The duo then explained how they processed the song and all the brainstorming they did to complete it.

How Creating "Butter" Became A Smooth Process

Per Andrews, creating "Butter" for BTS was more of a collaborative process. They also underwent more than 50 trial and error sessions before they finally polished it.

Talking about the anatomy of the song, the female songwriter revealed the truth behind it, including how they made the first line.

"We kept pushing and pushing until one night where Ron Perry said that they were looking for something similar to Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal.' The first thing that came to mind was 'Smooth like Butter, like a criminal undercover,'" she went on.

Andrews claimed that the line ultimately came out of instinct. From there, they wanted to create more memorable lines for BTS members.

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The songwriters reportedly set 1990s references in some parts of the lyrics - from Usher to Michael Jackson's themes and songs. What seemed to be a one-shot work took a long time until they connected the ideas and chose the best puzzle pieces.

BTS members also involved themselves in the process, with RM contributing most of the writing, especially his rap part.

"We all had different roles but it was extremely collaborative across the board. We not only were podded up in terms of being safe in a pandemic, we were podded up creatively," Bilo said.

In the end, the duo thanked BTS' label and the whole team for making the work as smooth as possible.

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