Musicians have a fair share of inspirations on why they started writing and composing music. Dave Grohl of the popular alternative rock band "Foo Fighters" recently revealed his music career started because of an unfortunate experience during his teenage years.

In a recent interview on "The Howard Stern Show," Grohl recalls when he was heartbroken after a girl named Sandy dumped her during seventh grade.

He mentioned that Sandy was his first love, and it was the first time that he fell in love. (watch his interview below)

"This was the first time my heart ever felt that feeling, where you see this beautiful girl and you want her to love you, and you want her to be yours," the musician said. (via 103 GBF)

The rocker revealed he asked the girl out, and she was his girlfriend for over a week. Sandy accepted his offer to be his "future Mrs. Grohl," and he was so happy.

"I mean this was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me." Grohl added.

Grohl said at the time, he'd only been playing the guitar for two years, and he was not that good at it. So by the time Sandy dumped and told him she didn't want to be his lover anymore, he was heartbroken and eventually turned to the instrument.

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Following the unfortunate breakup, the rock singer cited that his love and connection for music began during that time after listening to countless love and heartbreak music composed by numerous artists. He mentioned that he related to the tracks and understood the true meaning behind it because he felt it too.

The singer said that the only way he would move on from the situation was to become a rock star.

Grohl detailed his dream that night where he was performing on stage playing a song in front of a crowd who's crazy over him.

"And I look down and she's in the front row crying. Like, consumed with regret," the rocker stated.

25 years later, he came back to his hometown to perform, and coincidentally, the girl was there watching him. However, his dream did not become a reality even though Sandy was in the crowd as she was laughing throughout the show because he told her about the dream before the show.

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