A healthier and lovelier Ozzy Osbourne is coming back soon.

Osbourne promised to offer something new to his fans amid his health concerns, and it would happen soon as he revealed the progress of his new LP.

In a new interview with Boneyard on Sirius XM (via Blabbermouth), Osbourne said he collaborated with guitar gods for his new LP. Andrew Watt will produce the aforesaid follow-up for the 2020 "Ordinary Man."

Although the pandemic halted many projects and tours, the singer found an easy way to get in touch with other rock legends.

"You just write the song and you just ask them to sing [or play] what you [give them]. The good thing is it's interesting to work with somebody else. But the bad thing is if it don't work, you can't [just let it go] 'cause they'll get all pissed off," he said, as quoted by Rolling Stone.

Most of his collaborators reportedly rejected his songs. However, he applauded Eric Clapton's suggestion on their song with the word "Jesus" and offered a commendable solo for the track.

Aside from his upcoming album, Osbourne also reissued his classic solo LP, "No More Tears," as part of the album's 30th anniversary.

Ozzy Osbourne's Good News Amid Bad News

His new update came after Osbourne's wife, Sharon, revealed that the rocker would undergo major surgery following his 2019 fall. She said that the musician began to suffer from painful injuries since then.

The former "The Talk" host told DailyMailTV that the procedure would help her husband lessen the pain he has been suffering from. It has been a recurring issue after he dislodged the metal crews installed when he got involved in a quad-bike accident in 2003.

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The Black Sabbath frontman always refers to the incident as a "pitch black" event.

"I went to the bathroom and I fell. I just fell and landed like a slam on the floor and I remember lying there thinking, 'Well, you've done it now,' really calm. Sharon [called] an ambulance. After that, it was all downhill," he said.

Unfortunately, Osbourne also deals with Parkinsonian syndrome that causes him to have slow movement and suffer from involuntary shaking. He only found out he has a mild form of the disease following his most recent fall in February 2019.

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