Stevie Wonder won the battle against Stevie Nicks after internet users argued about who is the best musician between the two.

On Twitter, internet users began to choose the better Stevie and offered different explanations to defend their choice. It all started when user @4ever_days asked, "Hello everyone! Stevie Nicks or Stevie Wonder?"

One fan voted for Nicks and wrote, "Got to go with Stevie Nicks... she's a heartbreaker, too. Tom gave her "a platinum sheriff's badge with 24-karat pieces of gold scattered across it. It was not that long ago. Engraved on the back was "To the only girl in our band."

"Nicks was great but Wonder was a generational talent whose dominance on radio spanned three decades. He was a multi-talented musician w/ a tremendous voice who happened to be a gifted writer who penned tunes for icons like MJ. And he won Grammy's Album of the Year THREE times," another detailed.

The internet has been literally torn between the two, especially since the two musicians contributed in different ways. After a few hours, Wonder seemingly won the unofficial battle and earned the title GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) from the internet users.

Some said that they never heard of Nicks. However, it is worth noting that the female Stevie rose to fame due to her solo work before becoming one of the lead vocalists of Fleetwood Mac.

Although the band was famous, people always remember the band rather than the vocalist probably contributed to the poll's result.

Why is Stevie Wonder a GOAT?

Some people could not recall who Nicks was while they continuously shared why Wonder should win the battle.

As an African-American singer, people see Wonder as a great representation of music. In addition, he helped other African-American artists who chose R&B as their main forte - including Kanye West.

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Apart from being a great singer, he also famously used his empire for political causes. For what it's worth, he launched a 1980 campaign to make Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a holiday in the country. He even composed "Happy Birthday" to popularize the cause before becoming an official holiday in 1986.

Some of the hit songs under his belt are "Isn't She Lovely" and "Superstition." He scored over 20 Grammy Awards on top of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and an Academy Award for Best Original Song throughout his career.

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