The once-hit girl group GFriend is now totally disbanded as three of its members will soon debut as a trio.

This week, Big Planet Made Entertainment (BPM) announced in a statement to Tenasia that Eunha, SinB, and Eumji joined the agency. It also revealed the idols' plans to make a return as a three-member group.

As of the writing, the agency nor the K-pop idols confirmed what name they will use in their comeback or when they will mark their debut.

The other former GFriend members went on to pursue different careers after leaving Source Music. Yerin transferred to Sublime Artist Agency, Yuju signed an agreement with Konnect Entertainment, and Sowon began solo activities through IOK Company.

 Following BPM's announcement, the three idols took to Instagram to confirm their new collaboration and deal.

Eunha revealed she will have a new start at BPM along with SinB and Umji.

"Thank you for your unchanging love and support, and I want to give back with good music and good performances to all of you who I really love. Please watch over me," she captioned the post, as translated by Soompi.

Meanwhile, SinB and Eumji both confirmed their upcoming project as a three-member group.

The three former members follow former SISTAR member, Soyou, in the new agency.

GFriend's Legacy, and How Fans Reacted To New Projects

In 2015, GFriend wowed the K-pop industry with their on-point choreography on "Glass Bead." The single caused them to win several female rookie awards since 2015.

The six-member group became the first-ever to be interviewed for the Grammy Mini Masterclass. The interview series launched by the US Grammy's Museum Experience Prudential Center focuses on the artists who bring exemplary contributions to the industry and influence to the youth.

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They ended their stint with their third studio album, "Walpurgis Night," months before they all left Source Music upon completion of their six-year contract.

Although the disbandment broke fans' hearts, they sent congratulatory messages to the idols and promised to support them with their future activities.

Fans also flocked on theqoo and shared how happy they are about the impending debut, and fans want to treat it as a unit group.

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