AOA member Seolhyun shared her dieting secrets with her fans.

On Bubble, Seolhyun used the platform to raise awareness and promote health to her fans, revealing the lifestyle she follows to maintain her fit body.

The K-pop idol shared a list on October 10 and revealed her current weight and BMI. Per Seolhyun, she is currently at 48.7 kg - 21kg of which is muscle mass, while 10:2 kg is her body fat. The number makes her body fat percentage at 20.9 percent.

"I can share this~ What's there to hide between us. We even share BMI not just TMI," she captioned the post, as translated by AllKpop.

Per Seolhyun, she drinks 2 liters of water every day. By doing so, she reportedly lost at least a kilo in one week. She then reminded everyone who wants to follow it not to consume coffees or drinks with additives.

The idol claimed that a person cannot lose weight if they cannot follow the water rule since it is the easiest way to decrease body fat. In her part, she always brings her tumbler so she can drink more than four times with that storage.

How To Lose Fat The Seolhyun's Way

Seolhyun also touched on the topic of losing belly fat. In order to do so, people should reportedly opt for clean eating and refusing to drink.

Meanwhile, a person's lower body can experience the effects of dieting if one can follow the tips for a long time.

"If you go on and off, it won't work. And you can't really lose your arm fat," she went on.

For meal portions, Seolhyun said people can eat whatever they want as long as they stay within the calorie deficit. Obviously, one cannot achieve their target weight if they go over the calorie limit.

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Despite having that, she reminded everyone to balance the macronutrients to ensure that one's body is getting enough nutrients every day.

In the end, she asked everyone to take care of their liver. As a Korean Liver Cancer Association ambassador, Seolhyun told everyone to drink only once in a while and in moderation to keep their liver healthy.

For years, Seolhyun has been the subject of several online communities' debates. She was often compared to other idols who were far thinner and fitter than her.

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