Dave Grohl recalls his music career and life experience in his new memoir, "Dave Grohl: The Storyteller." The drummer opened up how he auditioned to be a part of the iconic rock band "Nirvana."

According to the Irish Examiner, as reported by The Rock of Rochester, Grohl revealed in his book that he called the band's bassist Krist Novoselic when he found out that they needed a new drummer, and he auditioned through a phone call.

Initially, the part was supposed to go to Dan Peters of "Mudhoney," but Novoselic was able to reach out to Grohl again and said Kurt Cobain felt terrible about taking Peters away from his original bandmates.

The bassist referred Grohl to Cobain, and they discussed through a phone call again. A few weeks later, the drummer moved to Seattle to meet with the band.

Dave Grohl Struggled To Move On From Kurt Cobain's Death

In early reports, Grohl also opened up about his moving on process following Cobain's death.

The musician considered the "Nirvana" frontman's passing as the most challenging part of the book to write as it had a significant impact on his life.

It affected his overall well-being and turned his world upside down.

After Cobain died, Grohl mentioned that he couldn't turn on the radio for days and avoided playing instruments.

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He was able to cope with his loss when he took a trip to the Ring of Kerry in Ireland, a place where he often goes when he needs to figure things out.

While on the road, he saw a hitchhiker wearing a Kurt Cobain t-shirt. The unknown man made him emotional, driving him to start all over again.

"And it was that moment that I decided, OK, I'm going to start over." Grohl said.

The drummer was able to go back to his music roots when he established the band called "Foo Fighters."

The memoir also noted how the band struggled during their early days as they only used a van to travel across the country for tours and shows.

Grohl worked several jobs in places like furniture warehouses, record stores, pizza shops, and more. He did all of that while working as the band's full-time drummer.

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