MGK talked to British GQ Style about his relationship with Megan Fox. Ever since the two have gotten together in early 2020, they never really went away from the limelight anymore. Now, he's sharing to the magazine about the time he feels she "truly fell in love" with him and the beginning of their relationship and his life was tranformed by Fox.  

Machine Gun Kelly, 31 and Megan Fox, 35 met while filming "Midnight In The Switchgrass" in early 2020 and quickly became romantically involved. According to him, it was one magical moment that happened in Megan Fox's living room that the two felt something switched on between them. "I remember she really fell in love when I made her die laughing in a fort we made in her living room," he said in the Autumn/Winter 2021 issue of British GQ Style.

The interview is published on Monday, October 11. 

A new edition of British GQ Style features MGK (actual name Colson Baker) and Megan, who open up about their romance in the magazine. "It was obvious from second one what it was going to be, but we didn't hook up right away," Megan recalled (via Hollywood Life).

Contrary to what people may believe, they did not hook up immediately despite their raging emotions.   After their on-set introductions, the famous couple began messaging and, according to Megan, had phone calls that lasted "three hours." 

But for MGK, the calls "felt like five minutes, so it didn't even feel like three hours." The singer continued, "Even our first kiss, she wouldn't kiss me. We just put our lips right in front of each other and breathed each other's breath and then she just left."

The two's first date can be described as textbook romatic. It involved MGK picking up Megan in his 1974 Cadillac convertible and bringing her to a canyon's edge for a picnic. Then they went to the Roxy Theatre, which was closed. "We went to the roof and played pop punk and made out," MGK told the publication.

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As they approach their one-year anniversary of being together, the two have come to realize how special their relationship is. MGK in particular said  Megan has made him feel something like no other did. In fact, he was ready to die before he met her, saying he did not have anyone to desire or love, and he was fine with that for a while.  It was the result of his upbringing he said.

 "I came from broken homes and I watched love never work. Then I grew up where in pop culture they don't even make romantic movies any more," the "Bad Things" singer explained. "It hurts my soul that I wasted 30 years of my life not having any desire. Dude, I was down to die. I was good. I was like, 'All right, got music out there. That'll hold me down.; You know, my daughter is the best extension of me and she's going to be better than I am. And I've seen some shit, so I'm good to go," he added.

Megan, meanwhile, said that thanks to MGK, she suddenly found a missing piece of herself and experienced internal happiness for the first time. 

 "Meeting him, it's like meeting your own soul's reflection. I recognize so much of myself in him, and vice versa, and that locked-up part of me that I had put away," she told British GQ Style. "I'd always felt like there was that thing missing, that I'd given up on, that you're always seeking. But then you meet the person that completes that for you and you're like, "Oh, this is what my heart was searching for. That's what that beacon was this whole time.' "

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