A federal judge finally released the verdict on whether Cardi B will be charged over the $5 million lawsuit filed by Kevin Brophy.

Cardi B faced a damaging allegation after a man claimed that her trip to Paris misled the court when she cited her concerns to move their trial date from October to February. The same tattooed man filed a lawsuit against her for allegedly using his likeness in her mixtape cover art. The cover in question reportedly "explicitly misrepresents" him.

Following Brophy's accusation over Cardi B's trip, a federal judge dropped the ruling in favor of the rapper.

According to the ruling obtained by Rolling Stone, US District Judge Cormac Carney said the "WAP" rapper would not face any sanctions.

The documents firmly clarified that she could push through with the February trial date as she did not mislead the court when she requested to delay the hearing because of her son's birth.

"Traveling to Paris Fashion Week was different than traveling for this trial: whereas she was able to leave her newborn baby in New York in the care of her mother and a baby nurse for the short trip to Paris, she would not be able to make such arrangements for the lengthy travel required to prepare for and attend the trial in this case," the official verdict said.

Brophy has not commented on the recent development yet, but Cardi B's win can potentially help her in the upcoming $5 million trial.

What The Lawsuit Against Cardi B Claims?

In December, Brophy alleged that the rapper photoshopped his back tattoo and transferred it onto someone else's body without his permission. This led him to accuse her of appropriating his likeness in "a misleading, offensive, humiliating and provocatively sexual way."

The plaintiff particularly brought Cardi B's Gangsta Bitch Vol 1's cover where a male model has his tattoo and performs oral on the singer.

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Meanwhile, the album cover designer Timm Gooden already defended himself and said he received $50 to make a quick design. He was asked to find another tattoo to put on the back of the male model. The designer confessed to searching "back tattoos" on Google and pasting the image he saw.

If Brophy wins the case, he could receive up to $1.5 million. However, this conclusion has since been tagged by Judge Carney as "pure fantasy."

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