Is Little Mix planning to go their separate ways and decide on disbanding after the recent blackfishing controversy involving former member Jesy Nelson?

People are already suspecting that Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, and Perrie Edwards will focus on their solo careers rather than continue as a trio. The Sun reported that the girls have "quietly negotiating new management and record deals" with their label.

The article stated that the discussion had happened following the departure of Jesy, which got confirmed in December 2020.

However, there are speculations that the record company hasn't updated Little Mix's contracts ever since they sat down and talked.

Little Mix's Contract

"They've been pretty open with each other about it. There are a lot of meetings happening at the moment. Some of them have already done management deals. Leigh-Anne has signed up with Dua Lipa's manager, Jade is cutting her teeth as a songwriter and presenter, while Perrie is working on other things too," an inside source relayed.

  The informant continued to explain that the remaining members "still get on great" even without Nelson. Due to the circumstances, the members are now aware that they can pursue a career outside of the band, which made them organize and prioritize the goals they want to achieve as Little Mix before any individual activities.

"The plan is to set out commitments, then turn to solo projects almost immediately. The intention is to keep the band going too- but that's how One Direction ended and it's hard to believe they will have time for everything," the insider shared.

Pinnock is interested in planting her root in the film industry after trying it out in December when she debuted as an actress for "Boxing Day."

Meanwhile, Edwards is also looking forward to motherhood and is in the process of launching her own company soon.

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Jesy Nelson VS Leigh-Anne Pinnock

On the other side, Nelson's career isn't looking as stable after being accused of blackfishing by Pinnock, to which fans agree on social media.

According to the Independent, the singer's decision to go solo has been "one of the most disastrous attempts" in recent years. Supporters of the artist were in shock after finding out that she was already planning her "Boyz" debut song just two months after she left Little Mix.

Now, Nelson is getting called out by her former bandmate for "adopting fashion, language and musical styles from black cultures" despite having no trace of black heritage in her blood. Nicki Minaj, featured in their new collaboration song "Boyz," defended the musician and labeled her past co-member, Pinnock as a "bully."

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