Cardi B is noticeably quieter in social media about her political views. One can chuck it to her being a mom, but that's not it, at all. 

"It was stressful," the "Up" rapper confessed, to have political disagreements with Republicans. This is why she eventually stopped speaking out on the subject. 

It is obviously exhausting to be a political activist on a regular basis, and Cardi B said that the harsh reactions she received from conservatives led her to want to stop. After one of her fans enquired as to why she no longer expresses her thoughts as frequently as she once did, the 29-year-old rapper answered on October 14 with a tweet. She said that the backlash she received from the right-leaning people, even from people she wanted to help just made her want to stop. 

Her tweet was quite long on the matter.  "I was tired of getting bullied by the republicans and also getting bashed by the same people I was standing up for," she wrote.


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Despite claiming she's going to stay quiet because she's exhauted, she did not resist in clapping back at a follower who described her as being slow and ruining everything all the time when she voiced her opinions in the past.

"It was the only way YOU would of [sic] understand me," she wrote.

It cannot be denied that Cardi B bridged the gap between the worlds of celebrities and politics in the run-up to the 2020 election, surprisingly yet powerfully speaking out in the political arena. 

Throughout the year, the "Invasion of Privacy" rapper met with elected officials to discuss important topics and express her views.  She discussed then-President Donald Trump's reaction to the coronavirus epidemic during an Instagram Live in April 2020.

Cardi B later met with then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on her leadership preferences, particularly in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. She actually demanded for a timetable for when things will improve. In addition to using masks and quarantine, she stated that she wanted a president who can effectively advise her what actions to take to get healthy in the middle of a pandemic. 

ALSO READ: Emani 22 Dead at 22: R&B Singer Cause of Death a Vehicular Accident?