TWICE Jeongyeon received empathy from fans following her recent shocking appearance.

In the past months, TWICE member Jeongyeon publicly opened up about her struggles with her neck and her dealings with panic and anxiety. These issues even led her to be on hiatus to focus on her health.

After months of being out of the spotlight, the K-pop idol joined the girl group again. However, her latest appearance garnered shock and understanding from fans.

On the Korean online community Pann Nate, a user shared photos of Jeongyeon from a recent TWICE event. The idol was wearing an off-shoulder dress and showed how she gained weight in the past months.

Many ONCE understood her situation and asked people not to make fun of her. Her fans also noted how she endured her neck injury and rested a lot to help with anxiety issues. Jeongyeon reportedly started taking medication for her psychological problems, which can truly make a patient gain 10 kg. in a month.

TWICE Jeongyeon's Public Fight

Her recent appearance came months after she went on hiatus due to health problems.

In June, a video of her performing with the girl group went viral as she winched in pain during the number. Her absence in the group's live interview sparked more concerns, causing fans to blame JYP Entertainment for not taking care of her.

Reports suggested that she may be suffering from her herniated discs again months after suffering from an injury while practicing TWICE's "More & More."

In 2020, she skipped her activities again and told her fans she was receiving treatment at a hospital. The agency also confirmed Jeongyeon was suffering from psychological anxiety and was in need of rest and professional medical treatments.

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In June, she surprised everyone when she shredded weight for their comeback "Taste of Love." Reports said she lost 8 kg. before joining the girls in the new promotion. But during the "Alcohol Free" promotion, she seemingly gained weight temporarily due to her medications.

With her recent appearance, fans urged everyone not to shame the idol and asked them to support her no matter what.

One fan said, "It seems healthy to me it is time for idols to give their real image and not the same as always, birds companies promote a type of malnutrition campaign forcing idols to be extremely thin regardless of health and knowing that there are fans who imitate this type of thing."

"Jeongyeon is the prettiest. those who fat shamming her are the worst," another wrote.

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