"My Chemical Romance" is celebrating the 15th anniversary of their third album titled "The Black Parade," and frontman Gerard Way recalls the time when they almost left out an iconic track from the record.

In an interview with Travis Mills on Apple Music 1, the singer revealed that one of their notable songs, "Welcome to the Black Parade", almost didn't make it to their third album.

Way explained that the song was the "hardest one to finish" out of all the tracks included in the album. He mentioned that it ended up becoming "deconstructed and kind of broken" for the band to rebuild it into something better.

The song was initially titled "The Five of Us Are Dying", and he felt they needed to put it in the final cut. "That touchstone, that kind of introduces your concept and then the lyrics and the themes of that song kind of embody the themes of the whole record," he said. (via Billboard)

Despite the rest of the band agreeing that "Black Parade" is suitable as a song, Way revealed that he didn't feel a personal connection with it and didn't think it would make it to the album.

However, he didn't want to give up on the song, so he introduced the concept into "the musical side of things."

"Once we re-approached it from the perspective of starting with a completely new introduction and a new way to start the song, it helped us fix the rest of it." he added.

After it was released, "Welcome to the Black Parade" became one of the band's notable songs as well as an anthem for die-hard rock fans.

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How Does Gerard Way Feel On The Album's Success?

Way mentioned that he's proud of the album's achievement as it endured the test of time, and he considered it a pop-culture staple.

He added that the more the album was out, it gained more importance. He noticed that over the years, fans started looking back at the time when the record was released, which was in 2006.

"It's been amazing to see that album regarded the way it is today." He noted.

"My Chemical Romance" will reunite in a tour next year, which was initially announced last year but was postponed last month.

"We are deeply sad, but those emotions are only a fraction of the depth of feeling we have all experienced watching the suffering and loss of the past year. We just want to be as sure as we can be that everyone is safe." the band wrote in a statement.

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