Maroon 5 may seem very buddy-buddy with two new singles and a new album V on the way, but according to a new interview, Adam Levine and his bandmates still get into some pretty nasty fights... and sometimes fans are in attendance.

"We had a huge fight... It was brutal," Levine said to the BBC about a particularly nasty row in New York City three years ago to the date (Aug, 5) before the release of its last effort Overexposed.

"That argument was amazing. We were having this screaming match in the hallway of the Roosevelt Hotel and this woman came out of her room angrily, to complain because it was late at night," added Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine. "The she recognized Adam and had a very confused response. She was all ready to yell at us for making noise and then she went, 'Oh, hey, I love you on The Voice!'"

Though an all-out screaming match may make it seem as though the "Maps" band is in trouble, worry not... Valentine noted it's all about the process in a democratic songwriting team. "If that tension isn't there, it means people don't care about what's happening," he said.

Speaking of Overexposed, which took Maroon 5 to new poppy heights with hits like "Moves Like Jagger," "Payphone" and "One More Night," the band noted that getting on Top 40 radio was a top priority for its fourth studio album.

"There was a very conscious effort to have as many hits as we possibly could. It was very gluttonous in that way," said Levine. "The band had this new-found success from The Voice and then Moves Like Jagger and we were very excited because we hadn't had hits for a while. So we were very hit-drunk."

The band's new album V will pull back from the singles-only mentality to be one more collective piece. "On this record, we've balanced those things [by] adding a bit more thought into what would make a great album -- instead of being just a collection of pop hits," Levine added.

Maroon 5's new album V will be released on Sept. 2. It's currently being led by the single "Maps," and the band has also released a new track "It Was Always You."

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