Rapper Big Sean and GLEE actress Naya Rivera collaborated on the singer's newest single "Sorry" dedicated to all of Big Sean's ex-girlfriends and now his ex-girlfriend Brytni is speaking out about Naya's affair with Big Sean prior to them dating.

Rivera's lyrics to the song was dedicated to her new rapping boyfriend, but towards the end of the son, Rivera starts to name drop and mention Big Sean ex-girlfriend, Brytni singing:

"Sorry, I'm not sorry
Cause I've been rolling round, shut it down, lady
Bagged him up, now he's my baby
Sorry, I'm not sorry
Yeah you had your fun now it's done, crazy
Lookin' at his number one lady
Amber, Brittany, Tiffany
Sorry he belongs to me
Heather, Ashley, Stephanie
It just wasn't meant to be sorry"

Big Seans's former girlfriend responded via twitter saying, "I mean it's on you if you want to publicly admit your role in cheating as a positive. But remember...," Brytni continued, "Telling your fans who are mostly young girls that its ok to disrespect another woman is foul. Sorry. Not sorry."