Nearly three weeks removed from prison, Remy Ma is eager to "do something as a team" with other female artists instead of "trying to bring each other down."

Ma recently did a video interview with HipHopWired in which she mostly discussed the race and gender politics of the music world.

Most notably, she appears to be pro-Iggy Azalea, and doesn't care about Iggy's skin color.

"She talks more 'down South' than any black girl I know, so I never looked at her like that," Ma said.

"I think being a woman is what people see first in this business," she continued. "When you're a female, there's a lot of obstacles and barriers we encounter just because we're females. A lot of times labels don't want to have to deal with us because it's way more costly to have a female artist than it is a male. They need hair, they need makeup, they need style. You know, we can't just throw on a T-shirt and some jeans and some Tims where they fit it and you'll be alright. Then there's the misconception that we are divas and we have attitude problems, and there's always something with a female artists."

Perhaps best known for her 2000s role in Terror Squad (including a feature in the hit "Lean Back"), Remy wants to collaborate with her fellow female stars.

"I think each one of us has something that sets us apart from each other," she said. "It's not just like me and they're all in one group. I think each person as an individual brings something different to the game. Nicki has her 'super sexy but a little bit of edge' to her when she wanna get back on her Jamaica, Queens-ness. Then Iggy, she's just a whole different entity in her own. She's just not a woman of color. People haven't seen that in rap (Iggy's success as a white female artist) I don't think ever, if not in a long time.

"It's a great thing when we're able to come together and do something as a team, as opposed to at each others' throat and trying to bring each other down."

Remy (born Reminisce Smith) was released from prison on Aug. 2 after serving roughly seven years for shooting an acquaintance in the stomach. She released a remix to DJ Khaled's "They Don't Love You No More" almost immediately after her release.