In an upcoming interview with Pitchfork, experimental electronic musician Flying Lotus revealed that he's been working on new music for his Captain Murphy hip-hop side-project, but has been forced to delay it because of Kendrick Lamar, claiming that the good kid, M.A.A.D city rapper has been holding on to his beats.

"I went on tour and he recorded a bunch of my songs," Flying Lotus told Pitchfork. "I don't know if he's gonna use them or not, but he recorded a bunch of stuff, which is why there's no Captain Murphy album out yet. He took all my beats!"

Though the Captain Murphy/Kendrick Lamar collaboration doesn't seem to be coming out any time soon, Lamar does make an appearance on the upcoming Flying Lotus album You're Dead! One artist who backed out of You're Dead!, however, was Pharrell Williams. The "Happy" singer reportedly backed out due to scheduling conflicts, but Flying Lotus believes that Pharrell was simply put off by the album's death concept.

"I think the concept of the album was kind of off-putting to him a little bit 'cause he's, for lack of a better word, happy," Flying Lotus said. "I think it might have been a little much for him, that trip, You're Dead!"

Flying Lotus' You're Dead! is set for release on Oct. 6 in the UK and Oct. 7 in the US through Warp Records. You can check out the album's tracklist right here:

01. Theme
02. Tesla feat. Herbie Hancock
03. Cold Dead
04. Fkn Dead
05. Never Catch Me feat. Kendrick Lamar
06. Dead Man's Tetris feat. Snoop Dogg & Captain Murphy
07. Turkey Dog Coma
08. Stirring
09. Coronus, the Terminator
10. Siren Song feat. Angel Deradoorian
11. Turtles
12. Ready Err Not
13. Eyes Above
14. Moment of Hesitation feat. Herbie Hancock
15. Descent Into Madness feat. Thundercat
16. The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep feat. Captain Murphy
17. Obligatory Cadence
18. Your Potential/The Beyond feat. Niki Randa
19. The Protest