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Pillar's 'One Love Revolution'

by Kim Jones   Aug 20, 2014 13:36 PM EDT

(Photo : Jeremy Cowart)
Pillar (2014)
This past February, Pillar's original line-up (Kalel, Rob, Noah, and Lester) reunited and kicked off a Kickstarter campaign to record a new project. They set out to raise $50,000 and by the time the campaign closed, 1433 backers had donated a total $81,019. The plan was to have the new album recorded and released this month. Life apparently got in the way of the schedule and now the release date has been pushed back to February of 2015.

According to an update on the Kickstarter page, the vocals for half of One Love Revolution have been recorded and Rob still has half to go. Nashville photographer, Jeremy Cowart, has taken new pics and some of the tunes that are finished are getting mixed in order to get songs out to the backers.

The other goodies (t-shirts, posters, drumsticks, guitar pics, etc.) are all ready, the band just wants to be able to mail them out with the physical CDs, so they'll all go out in February.

The guys apologized for not updating fans sooner and promised to get better about keeping everyone in the loop.

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