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STREAM: Organist Cameron Carpenter's New Sony Classical Album, 'If You Could Read My Mind,' via NPR's 'First Listen'

by Ian Holubiak   Aug 22, 2014 08:46 AM EDT

We've premiered him before, of course. Namely, the video for Cameron Carpenter's "Alfie" from his Sony Classical debut If You Could Read My Mind.

Not that we didn't know, but here on the full stream of CC's International Touring Organ disc is a burnished, almost neo-classical approach to the King's Instrument.

So, ya know, don't let his idiosyncrasies of style dissuade you, dear Classicalites.

No, this modern-day throwback is not some musty church organist. With the aid of the ITO, Cameron's own invention, Carpenter is able to harness the sonic aptitude of the organ...without any pipes or levers.

It's a great kind of digi-registration, indeed.

(With a price tag of some $1 million, it better be!)


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