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Baby Booming: Berlin Philharmonic Appoints Youngest Trumpeter to Date, Florian Pichler, at 18 Years Old

by Ian Holubiak   Aug 23, 2014 09:13 AM EDT

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If appointing musicians to orchestras was like the NFL draft, then perhaps the Berlin Philharmonic just lucked out on a first-round rookie with it's new 18 year-old Austrian trumpeter, Florian Pichler.

The development comes after the London Symphony Orchestra and its progressive ear name Peter Moore, also 18, as co-principal trombone. Moore is a former winner of BBC Musician of the Year.

Having young players may add some new blood to an orchestra but can they compare to their mates? Chances are: yes.

In a release issued on the Berlin Philharmonker website, Pichler was quoted as saying:

For me as a second trumpet player, it is particularly important to adapt well and can add to the sound of the orchestra. In an orchestra as the Berlin Philharmonic, it means for me to always be on the ball, always continue to develop and never rest on our laurels.


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