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Legendary Jazz Club Slug's Saloon Owner Jay Schultz Talks to Orchestra of Spheres' Daniel Beban About Old Performers

by Ian Holubiak   Aug 26, 2014 09:30 AM EDT

If you're in the know then, perhaps, you know about Slug's Saloon--and maybe you know a few from the echelon who played there.

Per Radio New Zealand National, a recent venture from Orchestra of Spheres' Daniel Beban, who runs Wellington sound exploration space The Pyramid Club met a slick fellow who ran the joint.

What Beban uncovered at an Orchestra of Spheres Golden Bay's Mussel Inn concert, was the owner, Jay Schultz, who is now known as Gopal Krishna and a resident in Onekaka.

The legendary underground jazz club in New York served as a hotbed for '60s counterculture and beat folks. What revolutionary jazz musicians past through its threshold is astounding.

Luckily, Beban brought in a recorded to Golden Bay on his next run through and caught some of the history from Jerry Schultz, and New Zealand Radio has it on tape.


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