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Opera Singer, Valerian Ruminski, Fired After Anti-Gay Hate Speech Spills Onto Facebook, Echoes Australian Anti-LGBTQA Diatribe

by Ian Holubiak   Aug 29, 2014 11:13 AM EDT

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Sorry Valerie (oops, I mean Valerian), but anti-gay drek won't land you a spot in the Opera Lyra in Ottawa, Canada. Instead, Ruminski has been let go due to a backlash over some pretty horrendous comments he made to a man wearing jeweled fingernails.

And just two weeks before he was due to appear as the Sacristan in Tosca.

His comments, per Norman Lebrecht, were about "deficiencies" and "parading his choices" were published during the city's Capital Pride festivities and were circulated via Twitter.

As if the speech wasn't already off-base, Ruminski found it most fitting to put his opinion on his own Facebook page.

But before Ruminski could bat an eyelash, the company decided to hose the singer, saying:

Persons employed by Opera Lyra, including short-term cast members, are expected to contribute to good community relations. Respectful behaviour towards others is an essential part of this.


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