April 22, 2018 / 2:28 PM

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Love and Hip Hop ATL Scrappy, Bambi Dating PHOTOS, Erica And Scrappy Over For Good?


Southern rapper, Lil Scrappy has vowed that he will never get back with his ex-fiance, Erica Dixon, and now has moved on with 'Basketball Wives L.A." reality star Bambi. The rapper tweeted his fans, "A pls get on wit y'all lives me n Shawty done n will never c us together again sorry we moved on y'all need to do the same."

"Love and Hip Hop ATL" star was photographed with Bambi at a nightclub kissing and getting touchy in the VIP section. Rumors were swirling that Bambi and Scrappy were more than friends after Mary Jane aired out Bambi's dirty laundry on the "Big Tigger Show."

Initially, Mary Jane went on the radio show to talk about her affair with Kirk Frost and was ambushed by Bambi who said, "I want to apologize to the whole City of Atlanta for bringing this wh*re on the show, I want to apologize to Rasheeda because I would have never brought this type of trash around your husband..."

Mary Jane interjected and exposed Bambi saying, "Who you kissing now? Let's call Erica (Dixon) and tell her about you being around her man (Lil Scrappy). Let's talk to Erica. Should we get Erica on the line? Since you're on air talking about Atlanta, you bringing in a wh*re."

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