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D'Angelo - 'Voodoo' (2000)

The 13 Songs of D'Angelo's 'Voodoo': Ranked for its 15th Anniversary

Buzz Jan 2015 17:24PM EDT

Today, Jan. 25, marks the 15th anniversary of D'Angelo's classic sophomore album, "Voodoo," which combined R&B, funk, soul and hip-hop in such an experimental and masterful way that it came to be seen at the crowning achievement of neo-soul, a movement which also included artists such as Lauryn Hill, The Roots and Erykah Badu. In celebration of this incredible album, here are its 13 songs ranked, from weakest to best.READ MORE

Neil Diamond at a venue that hasn't banned his music.

5 Songs Banned in Sports: "CoCo" by O.T. Genasis, "Dixieland Delight" by Alabama, "Sweet Caroline and More

Buzz Jan 2015 16:30PM EDT

Klay Thompson went HAM this week when his Golden State Warriors faced the Sacramento Kings last week: The shooting guard scored 37 points during the third quarter, setting the record for scoring in just one period, along with the record for most 3-pointers during one quarter. The team probably wanted to sing after finishing the game with a 25-point win, but alas the NBA and team executives have requested the team stop posting videos of the team singing its trademark song. Here are five songs that have gotten banned in sports and how they offended (meanwhile you can also check out a shortened video of Thompson's performance here via Sports Illustrated).READ MORE

Ice Cube in Supafest's happier times.

Australian Music Festival Fails: 5 Events Suffering Bad Luck and Bad Organization in Memory of Sunbury

Buzz Jan 2015 15:08PM EDT

Australia is one of the toughest places to stage a music festival due to its relative isolation from the rest of the world. There's plenty of fans to provide funding for a limited number of events but it's still tough to draw (and pay) huge acts for traveling so far for what's most likely to be just on appearance (versus a longer tour scenario, where headliners such as Katy Perry can make oodles of cash). Here are five festivals that have undergone downsizing down under recently.READ MORE

Ayler Young

Ayler Young Talks New Album 'Portal,' Bi-Coastal Influences, Entrepreneurialism, "Uptown Funk" & More

Exclusives Jan 2015 13:20PM EDT

Bi-costal musician Ayler Young has just released his latest album Portals. In addition to being a musician, Young is also an entrepreneur, arts supporter and philanthropist.READ MORE

Jazmine Sullivan Press Photo 1

Jazmine Sullivan Talks New 2015 Album 'Reality Show,' Returning To Music And The True Story Behind Busting The Windows Of A Cheating Ex! [Exclusive]

Exclusives Jan 2015 14:26PM EDT

When it comes to her music, Jazmine Sullivan has always had the lovebug. Since her Fearless debut in 2008, the seven-time Grammy Award-nominee has penned hits singles about smashing the windows of a cheating lover, falling in love with a man that is not her lover and stuttering to find the words to say to her lover. But after a three-year hiatus from the music industry and some heartbreak behind her, Sullivan is back with her third studio album, Reality Show, and the 27-year-old chanteuse has finally found the greatest love of all... with herself.READ MORE

LCD Soundsystem -

LCD Soundsystem's Debut Album: 9 Songs Ranked for Its 10th Anniversary

Buzz Jan 2015 23:28PM EDT

Today, Jan. 24, marks the 10th anniversary of LCD Soundsystem's self-titled debut album, which saw DFA Records founder James Murphy combining the seemingly disparate worlds of punk and dance music into a distinctly '00s sound oozing with New York cool. In celebration of this incredible album, here are its nine exclusive songs ranked, from weakest to best.READ MORE

Barack Obama, noted Stevie Wonder fan...Xi Jinping, noted dubstep fan.

Barack Obama, David Cameron and Narendra Modi: Guessing at 6 World Leaders' Favorite Performers

Buzz Jan 2015 17:19PM EDT

The favorite music of the world's most powerful people is often kept a secret, as one controversial faux pas could be the death of a political career. Things have started to warm up however, as the leaders of the free (and less than free) world have taken to filling the general public in on their Facebook favs. David Cameron told the world this week that he preferred Bryan Ferry over Jay Z, and even Vladimir Putin has warmed enough to inform his constituents that he was "a Russian man and I listen to Russian music." French President Francois Hollande used "Niggas in Paris" as part of a campaign commercial during 2012 (although we doubt he personally is a fan of Jay and Kanye).READ MORE

Luke Bryan

Country Music Stereotypes: Trucks, Girls, Whiskey & How Lyrics Have Changed Over the Past Decade

Buzz Jan 2015 12:50PM EDT

We charted lyrics from 30 country songs, including this week's Top 10 (Jan. 24), the Top 10 from the final week of Florida Georgia Line's record breaking run (Aug. 24, 2013) and the Top 10 from a decade ago (Jan. 15, 2005).READ MORE

Florida Georgia Line

Modern Mainstream Country & The Nashville Machine: How The "Bro"-Crazed Industry Creates a No. 1 Hit

Buzz Jan 2015 12:47PM EDT

If you're a country music fan, you fall into one of two camps: Those who enjoy Florida Georgia Line's 2013 hit "Cruise," and those who despise it.READ MORE

Mickey Jack Cones

Mickey Jack Cones Q&A: Joe Nichols' Producer Talks Nashville, No. 1 Hits And Taylor Swift

Buzz Jan 2015 12:35PM EDT

Cones began making a name for himself by producing demos and claims he worked 18 hours a day for nearly 10 years. Writers would drop off their hard drives, then Cones would sing vocals, mix the songs and give them back.READ MORE

Mickey Jack Cones & Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols Q&A: Country Star Talks New Album, Producer Mickey Jack Cones and "Bro Country"

Buzz Jan 2015 12:28PM EDT

The 38-year-old has five No. 1 singles to his name, the most recent being 2014's "Yeah." Nashville producer Mickey Jack Cones was at the helm of that album -- Crickets -- and Nichols decided to bring back the Texan for another go-round.READ MORE

Steven Colbert

No Offense to LL Cool J, but 5 Other Options for Grammy Hosting: Beyoncé, Steven Colbert, Blake Shelton and More

Buzz Jan 2015 16:02PM EDT

Today the Recording Academy confirmed that LL Cool J will be the host at The Grammys when they go down on February 8. It was hardly a surprise to anyone who's paid attention in recent years: The emcee has hosted the event every year since 2012. That said, it's tough to blame the Academy and CBS for not wanting to shake things up: Although the performer will have now hosted 10 times, the recent results don't lie. The previous three years have featured, respectively, the no. 1, 3, and 2 highest viewerships since the '80s (the 2012 edition got a boost from those tuning in after Whitney Houston's death).READ MORE

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana

10 Artists Whose Debut Singles Were Covers

Buzz Jan 2015 16:37PM EDT

Signing a brand new and therefore untested artist can be a risky move for most labels, so in order to get around this, some labels push their new artists to record cover songs for their debut singles as a sort of test run. Here are 10 artists who recorded cover songs for their debut singles.READ MORE

President Obama is feeling his audience.

State of The Union Address: Music Times Helps President Obama Find Some Middle Class Music to Boost His Favorite Speech Theme

Buzz Jan 2015 14:20PM EDT

President Obama touched on plenty of themes during his State of The Union address but nothing was as popular as that of the middle class, and helping those in lower tax brackets reach it. Music Times found bands that specialize in the topic, including Middle Class Rut, The Middle Class and more.READ MORE

The Byrds

The Byrds' "Mr. Tambourine Man" at 50: Ranking The Original (Bob Dylan) and Covers (Stevie Wonder, William Shatner, More)

Buzz Jan 2015 13:01PM EDT

On this date 50 years ago The Byrds recorded "Mr. Tambourine Man." That band wasn't the first to do it—Bob Dylan wrote the original version of the song and recorded it just five days prior to The Byrds entering the studio with it—but it would end up that the latter ended up more famous than the first. The song reached no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has been cited as the birthplace of "folk rock" (fans of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and everything to follow are thankful). Many acts have gone on to cover the track (aside from The Byrds) so Music Times gathered a few of the more famous versions and ranked them accordingly.READ MORE

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