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NSYNC - "NSYNC" (1998)

8 Band Names Based On The Member's Names: NSYNC, TLC, And More

Nov 2014 14:24PM EDT

Anyone who has ever played in a band can tell you just how difficult coming up with a good name is, but these eight bands managed to come up with distinctive, memorable names by using the names of the people in the band.READ MORE

Marvin Gaye

5 Covers Celebrating 50 Years of Marvin Gaye's "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)": James Taylor, Michael Bublé and More

Nov 2014 15:16PM EDT

Fifty years ago on this date Marvin Gaye entered the charts with "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)". The track was far from his first on the Motown label but it did have the most chart success among the singles he had released up to that point, peaking at no. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. We hesitate to call it his most recognizable song—because he's had an unusual number of tracks that have become cultural standards compared to most in his era—but "I wanna stop and thank ya baby" is an instantly recognizable line. Enough so that a number of performers have tried their hands at the song over the last five decades.READ MORE

Eminem, back in the day.

Robert Christgau and Eminem: Reviewing The Writer's Praise for The Emcee upon 'Encore's Tenth Anniversary

Nov 2014 13:53PM EDT

Noted music critic Robert Christgau has championed many a performer over the years. Eminem was a cultural phenomenon he seemed to grasp far before the rest of society.READ MORE

Migos, biggest supporters of Versace and perpetual sweatsuit-wearers.

Musicians Providing Free Advertising: The Who, Migos, Guns 'n' Roses and More

Nov 2014 16:09PM EDT

The best advertising is the free kind. The even bester advertising is when celebrities promote your product in their music.READ MORE

Ralph Stanley (center)

Song for Those Buried in Snow in Buffalo and Elsewhere: Metallica, Ralph Stanley and More Sympathize with Your Plight

Nov 2014 15:00PM EDT

The northern regions of New York are being, in some cases literally, buried by snow. Our own Carolyn Menyes has brought light to Interpol being stuck in its own tour bus for 30 hours due to the weather and we're continuing a trend with a playlist surrounding snow. Not happy snow, like "Walking in A Winter Wonderland," not snow as in cocaine a la Jeezy and Black Sabbath, snow: The stuff that will trap you in your home and cause parties of pioneers to resort to eating each other.READ MORE

Sonya Yoncheva

REVIEW: Sonya Yoncheva Debuts Memorable Mimì in Met's Middling 'Bohème'

Nov 2014 10:30AM EDT

Recently, the Metropolitan Opera has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Be it pre-season labor disputes with the man Peter Gelb, opening night unrest care of Leon Klinghoffer and Rudy Guiliani or just a simple technical glitch during the broadcast at your local cinema, what's been lost as of late is a lot. Such controversies, however inflated, do obscure the institution's real mission statement. First and perhaps foremost, is the fact that the Met remains this country's most enduring repertory company. For every Klinghoffer or Iolanta premiere in 2014-15, there are as many, if not more, reheated Aidas and prefab Meistersingers. Come the holidays, highly touted new productions of Le Nozze di Figaro and The Merry Widow will run alongside evergreen faire like Il Barbiere di Siviglia and Hansel and Gretel. And, let's be honest, it is the latter, lighter of these programming options that the casual opera-goer is wont to experience there at Lincoln Center. In fact, Mr. Gelb is banking on it.READ MORE

Rick Ross

A Brief History of Law Enforcement and Hip-Hop Award Shows: T.I., Rick Ross, Jeezy and More Get Dusted Up

Nov 2014 14:36PM EDT

Many, many agencies have called out hip-hop performers for merely being storytellers and not the actual "gangstas" their music portends. Incidents and events at awards shows have backed up the stories they tell like perhaps no other platform can. Today marks the tenth anniversary of Yung Buck's legal troubles following the 2004 VIBE Awards (read more below). Check out a history of police intervention at awards shows below.READ MORE

Interpol at Governors Ball 2014

8 Interpol Songs to Listen to While Trapped in a Tour Bus for 30+ Hours

Nov 2014 13:47PM EDT

Interpol's music is pretty fitting for a freak snowstorm. From songs about barricades to music about New York, it's like Interpol has been predicting this for quite some time. So, in solidarity with the band, here are # Interpol songs to get you through 40+ hours on a snowed in tour bus.READ MORE

Isang Yun

5 Renowned Acts from Korea...North Korea: Isang Yun, the Pochanbo Electric Orchestra and More

Nov 2014 12:52PM EDT

Korean music continues to find fan bases all over the world and of course in its homeland. It kind of makes us wonder however, is there similar pop talent in North Korea? It seems likely but it would be tough for music fans to find out. After all, it's hard enough to get hard news from what's probably the world's most isolated nation. That said, the West has gotten word of North Korean music over the years and some of it isn't half bad. Check out five of the biggest acts that the northern half of the Korean peninsula claims for its own.READ MORE

DJ Fenix

The Kremlin Ready to Rave with DJ Fenix at Musicbox Awards Tonight [EXCLUSIVE]

Nov 2014 12:40PM EDT

The Kremlin is known for its two noticeable features: the distinctly Russian Orthodox architecture and the power that emanates from the seat of power it has held since it was built in the 13th century. Tonight, however, there will be a grand party — the Musicbox Awards — to celebrate the music from around the former Soviet countries at the Kremlin, and noted Russian disc jockey DJ Fenix will be on hand to play. This will be the first time a DJ has performed at an event like this in Russia, especially at the Kremlin. DJ Fenix knows the significance of this, calling it "very important for the EDM industry and DJs." DJ Fenix, born Alexander Mamoniv, is familiar with the big stage. He has been DJ-ing for more then a decade around Europe and performed at Moscow's fashion week earlier in the year. His upbringing in a military family and as an Olympic volleyball player gave him valuable experience in being disciplined and how to treat your body right by "not taking any drugs, eating healthy and not drinking much alcohol." He hangs with some Russian heavyweights, like Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, whom he met out while playing clubs in Moscow. Fenix said rather matter-of-factly, "We are friends because we are fans of the same team."READ MORE

Carolina Eyck, Christopher Tarnow

Classicalite Q&A with Carolina Eyck & Christopher Tarnow on 'Improvisations for Theremin And Piano' (Butterscotch Records)

Nov 2014 09:56AM EDT

German theremin virtuoso Carolina Eyck and pianist/composer Christopher Tarnow set their American debut today by way of Improvisations for Theremin and Piano on Buttersctoch Records. Produced by Allen Farmelo, Improvisations modernizes the theremin and piano in a sonically jangled delight for all five senses.READ MORE

Robert Spano Leads Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's Opening Night, Substitutes Show Consequence of Lockout

Robert Spano Leads Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's Opening Night, Substitutes Show Consequence of Lockout

Nov 2014 14:56PM EDT

In the days following the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's collective bargaining agreement, the company kicked off the season with a performance of Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 5 and Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, led by ASO music director Robert Spano.READ MORE

Crown and The M.O.B.

L.A. Rapper Crown Revisits The Brooklyn Roots That Influenced His New EP 'Love My People' [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE]

Nov 2014 12:00PM EDT

Los Angeles-based, Brooklyn-raised rapper Crown's journey into hip-hop is at once familiar and very unique. Born in Brooklyn, he moved with his family to Panama, where they lived for four years. He returned to his hometown in New York by the time he was a teenager, and at the age of 18, he enlisted in the United States Air Force to ensure he didn't fall victim to the street life that was so prevalent around him. He spent the next nine years serving his country in Iraq and living on bases across the globe.READ MORE

Amy Vachal

Amy Vachal Talks New EP 'Crinkle Bloom,' Performs "Broke Into Words" and Let The Morning Bring Word" [EXCLUSIVE]

Nov 2014 09:39AM EDT

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Amy Vachal just released her latest EP Crinkle Bloom on Rockwood Music Hall Records. She sat down with Music Times for our Studio Sessions to talk about her career beginnings, what inspired the new record, and what her plans are for the future. She also treated us to performances of "Let the Morning Bring Word" and "Broke Into Words."READ MORE

Genesis - 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' (1974)

5 Best Songs: Genesis's 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway'

Nov 2014 09:26AM EDT

Today, Nov. 18, marks the 40th anniversary of Genesis's landmark concept album "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway," which was their last with original lead vocalist Peter Gabriel. Across 23 tracks over 94 minutes, the album tells the bizarre story of a Puerto Rican teenager named Rael who goes on a surreal journey through New York City to rescue his brother John. To celebrate this masterwork of progressive rock, here are the album's five best songs.READ MORE

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