Robert Pattinson Played Guitar on Death Grips' 2013 Album 'Government Plates,' As Revealed by Record Store Day

By Ryan Book, The Music Times | Nov 30, 2014 08:48 AM EST

New evidence of Robert Pattinson's current streak of involvement in the experimental music scene has emerged, albeit from more than a year ago. One Record Store Day shopper bought the newly released vinyl version of Death Grips' Government Plates album and noticed that the Twilight actor was listed in the record's credits. Pattinson is listed as the guitarist on the track "Birds" from the noise-rap album, according to SPIN.

This isn't just a shot at pop culture from the now defunct hip-hop group. Last year the star was caught on film hanging out with members Zach Hill and Stefan "MC Ride" Burnett, and a mysterious letter claimed that the actor would be starring in short film produced by Hill, which would focus on men being forced into prostitution in Brazil (and would also star Colin Hanks), titled Misoneism. The band denied the claims, although as Pitchfork correctly pointed out at the time: "But, this being Death Grips...who knows what's going on."

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We never got the film but we did get the surprise release of Government Plates during 2013. The album suddenly showed up on several sites for free download (exactly 13 months, 13 days and 13 hours after the release of 2012's No Love Deep Web). Due to its internet release, no one dug too deep to find a full list of contributors and so on Black Friday Pattinson finally got his due as the guitarist on "Birds."

It's not too shredtastic a track but it is pretty cool to tell people you're featured on a Death Grips album. Just as, we're sure, it's cool to tell people that you're dating FKA Twigs. While simultaneously being rich from the whole Twilight thing. Seems like Pattinson has got this whole life thing figured out.

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