Damon Albarn Carried Offstage by Roskilde Security after How Long A Set?

By Ryan Book | Jul 06, 2015 08:37 AM EDT

Damon Albarn, like Steve Martin, is a wild and crazy guy, and the Blur frontman needed to be carried offstage by security after performing for nearly five hours at the Roskilde Festival over the weekend.

Although Blur just released its first album in 12 years, Magic Whip, Albarn wasn't in Denmark to support that, nor his solo release from 2014. The concert was in the name of his project Africa Express, which released the album Maison Des Jeunes during 2013, featuring the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Brian Eno along with musicians from Mali. He managed to get the Yeahs' guitarist, Nick Zinner, as well as Blur bandmate Graham Coxon to swing by Denmark for the show.

Granted, Maison Des Jeunes is a 48-minute album...while Albarn and co. managed to stretch the set out into the five-hour range. Part of this, of course, was some extensive jamming, and Albarn also busted out tracks from his personal projects, including the Gorillaz. Naturally a few covers were thrown in, from the likes of Randy Newman and The Clash.

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At some point (more specifically, at 4 A.M.), security decided that things had gone on long enough. We're sure they tried to signal the performer and we're sure he ignored. Finally, security simply came onstage and carried him off, all while he continued to sing. Appropriately he was in the middle of The Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" when the removal occurred.

Albarn has a fascination with the music of Africa, having done several albums with musicians from the continent. Mali Music debuted during 2002, and Kinshasa One Two (featuring performers from the Democratic Republic of The Congo). All proceeds from both albums went toward helping Oxfam's work in the respective nations.

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