Blizzard of 2016 Playlist: 10 Songs to Help You Get Through the Snow Storm!

By Jon Niles | Jan 21, 2016 04:20 PM EST

There are a number of concerns surrounding the eminent Blizzard of 2016 that is set to strike the northeast United States this weekend. Will it actually be a crazy snow storm? Will we lose power? Do you want to build a snowman with me? One thing's for sure: You're most likely planning on staying in! To help you deal with whatever amount of winter fury hits over the next few days, we've compiled 10 songs for a special playlist that you can listen to while looking at the snow pile up!

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This isn't just a playlist about snow, though there are some solid winter-themed songs on the list. We've taken the extra time to really take in what this blizzard could do to our readers. Temperature, white snow and the weather will affect you in different ways, including your mood, what you're doing and what you're worried about! You'll see what we mean below.

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1. "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" - Dean Martin

Clearly this is a song that's right on the red, cold nose. You're going to see the snow start, and maybe even accumulate, and you'll most likely sing this to yourself. Have a real listen to it right here!

2. "The Freeze (Sizzaleenmean)" - Parliament

You're still in a good mood about the snow and want to dance around your enclosure! We don't blame you either. A lazy day stuck inside should be celebrated - but it also could turn kind of dark.

3. "Blizzard of '77" - Nada Surf

Snow storms happen all the time, you guys. This number by the pop rockers is sure to make you reflect on your current cold situation. You can learn how this blizzard affected people and maybe even relate.

4. "Cold as Ice" - Foreigner

Is the heat even on? Meh, who cares, you're still having a great time being lazy so why not rock out with this classic jam?

5. "White Winter Hymnal" - Fleet Foxes

By now you're either inebriated or looking deep inside yourself while stuck inside. You want to hear some of the most amazing harmonies ever recorded, so you throw this number on.

6. "Close That Door" - Mansions

It's cold outside; why are you leaving your apartment? Keep the heat in, we aren't made of money! This song is actually about angst, but if you aren't feeling that in this weather you're a robot!

7. "Stay Inside" - Creepoid

Seriously, it's a blizzard.

8. "What Me Worry?" - St. Vincent

Will the power go out? Will I freeze to death? Am I just being paranoid?

9. "A Series of Small Flames" - Land of Talk

You better have some candles ready in case the power does in fact go out. Created a well-lit path to essential areas of your abode.

10. "Please Come to Me" - Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Start

That's you begging your favorite Indian restaurant to deliver to you. If they answer your cries, give the delivery person a solid tip!

You can listen to this full playlist right here:

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