Grammys 2016 Best Dance Recording Nominees, Who Should/Will Win: 'Where Are U Now' vs All

By Ryan Middleton | Feb 09, 2016 12:10 PM EST

The 2016 Grammys are just six days away and most categories are toss-ups, but if there is a sure thing this year, the Best Dance Recording is about as close as it gets. This category includes tracks from Galantis, Above & Beyond, returning act The Chemical Brothers, Flying Lotus with one of Kendrick Lamar's 11 nominations and the power trio of Skrillex, Diplo and Justin Bieber. It may seem tough, but in terms of who should and will win this category, the obvious answer is right.


Galantis - Runaway (U&I)
Above & Beyond featuring Zoë Johnston - We Are All We Need
The Chemical Brothers featuring Q-Tip - Go
Flying Lotus featuring Kendrick Lamar - Never Catch Me
Skrillex & Diplo featuring Justin Bieber - Where Are Ü Now

Who Should Win: Skrillex & Diplo featuring Justin Bieber - Where Are Ü Now

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This song could be up for record of the year it was that highly touted. The track was a game changer for all three parties - Skrillex, Diplo and Justin Bieber. It put Skrillex on the map as a producer who could crossover into pop records, which we later saw with the No. 1 smash "Sorry." Diplo continued to show his chameleon ability to produce different types of records and this was only slightly overshadowed by the success of "Lean On."

As big as it was for the two producers, it was biggest for Bieber who needed a pop smash to cap off out his apology come back tour and turn his image around. It also endeared him to the dance music community. The other tracks here are worthy, but don't have the size or stature of "Where Are Ü Now."

Who Will Win: Skrillex & Diplo featuring Justin Bieber - Where Are Ü Now

This shouldn't be close. Skrillex already has six wins out of six nominations, so the committee is quite familiar with him. The Chemical Brothers have a strong winning streak, but don't have the help of Diplo and Justin Bieber.

For all of the awards that Bieber has won over his career, this would be the first one he has taken home at the Grammys and ironically it would be on his most different track as a featured artist. The Grammy voters are getting better at recognizing electronic music as a genre, but they still fall into the trappings of pop and radio charts. "Where Are Ü Now" has all of the ingredients to top its competition.

Kendrick Lamar's contribution to Flying Lotus "Never Catch Me" helps but he will get his due elsewhere.

Above & Beyond's "We Are All We Need" may not even be the best song on that album and Galantis "Runaway (U&I)" is a great dance-pop record, but it doesn't stand up to what Skrillex, Diplo and Justin Bieber have done.

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