Premiere: Whosah Unveil Cheery 'Forget About It' Music Video

By Ryan Middleton | Feb 23, 2016 10:00 AM EST

Minnesota indie-pop outfit Whosah, comprised of a five some of guys, Spencer, Dallas, Dave, Nate and Mack, have unveiled the latest "moving picture" video for their new single "Forget About It" taken from their sophomore EP Work. We are happy to premiere the new video to all of you.

The video is latest in their brand of videos, which blur the lines of music videos and moving pictures, capturing the cheery mood of the song with its pitched vocal shouts, catchy hooks and uplifting message tied together visually by the line "there no top to this mountain if I'm focused on the climbing."

The video is simple and that is the point. They want to bring the focus back onto the music with this video and reflect a simple message in the song.

Spencer Grimes tells us that they make these videos themselves with the intention of creating "very real, very honest" visuals, to reflect the nature of their music.

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"The video focuses on us climbing, but not going anywhere. No matter whether you're in school somewhere, working a corporate job, or pursing an artsy career, everybody's trying to climb to the top. The reality is, no matter how hard you climb, there's always someone above you; and if you're always focused on getting to the next rung on the ladder, you'll totally miss out on the goodness of where you are," Grimes explains.

"We wrote 'Forget About It' partially to ourselves and to anyone who's ever felt like they're stuck in that cycle. This song is about realizing that success is not the point and the grind is not the point; that real life is available for us to find joy in, right where we are right now."

Whosah's 4-track Work EP is now available to pre-order on iTunes before it is released on March 11.

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