Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias 'Messin' Around' Review: Unlikely Sample, Likely Collab Equals...

By Carolyn Menyes | Apr 08, 2016 03:44 PM EDT

Dale Friday, everybody! Pitbull is back with a new poppy single, and he's not "Messin' Around" with the new Enrique Iglesias collaboration.

Of course, it's no surprise that Pitbull and Iglesias teamed up for a new single. The two have worked together countless times before, on co-headlining tours and a slew of other songs ("I Like It," "I'm a Freak," "Let Me Be Your Lover") and they're notably good friends.

So even if the collaboration itself is obvious, the root of this song comes from an unexpected source - classic rockers REO Speedwagon. The melody and the lyrics from the chorus are lifted directly from the opening lines of their 1981 single "Take It on the Run."

But, as should have been expected, Mr. Worldwide and Iglesias run with the "messin' around" sentiment and build the song from there. The sample itself has the sort of fun singsong melody that REO Speedwagon were always good at, and that carries through the rest of the Pitbull track.

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And though "Take It on the Run" focuses on a girl finding love with someone new, Pitbull and Iglesias' "Messin' Around" is all about getting freaky with multiple people. I mean, it is a Pitbull single after all. Would expect anything less?

He likes when his girl doesn't wear a thong and when she talks dirty and gets crazy, and there could be more to this than that, but there isn't. "You can get it sexy if you want to / And you can bring your girls if you want / And we can hit the crib if you want to / And we can mess around if you want," Pitbull sings at one point over a beat that infuses the REO Speedwagon sample with some tropical flavor.

What's notable about this song is that despite having two of Latin music's biggest stars, "Messin' Around" is a fairly standard mid-tempo pop ballad with little to no Latino flare.

"Messin' Around" is the latest single from Pitbull, rumored to be included on his forthcoming English-language album Climate Change.

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