Gold Panda "Pink & Green" Shared From 'Good Luck and Do Your Best'

By Ryan Middleton | Apr 27, 2016 03:34 PM EDT

UK producer Gold Panda has unveiled the latest track and DIY music video for "Pink & Green" taken from his upcoming album Good Luck and Do Your Best.

The new tune is another soft and thoughtful production from Gold Panda -- calling upon strong jazz influences, steady percussion with open hi-hats and piano carrying the melody. It fits into the picture that he has started to paint with the singles unveiled from Good Luck and Do Your Best.

The music video was shot during two trips to Japan at the end of 2014 - the country that had a profound impact on the Gold Panda's album. It is where he got the title and a lot of the visuals for the LP.

"Derwin (Gold Panda) and I travelled to Japan twice in 2014 to collate photography for what would become the cover art for Derwin's third album, Good Luck and Do Your Best, elements of Derwin's live visuals, and a photography book (also named Good Luck and Do Your Best)," says Laura Lewis, the video director, in a statement.

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"It was my first time in Japan and I was keen to capture as much as humanly possible, so whilst I was shooting stills, I also filmed as many of our travels and adventures as possible. 'Pink & Green' is therefore a mini documentary / behind the scenes glimpse of what happened along the way. It features some of the wonderful people we met, inspiring places we visited, and beautiful friends in Japan who helped make the trips so memorable."

Gold Panda has also unveiled a smattering of tour dates in Europe and the United States later this spring and summer, including one in Los Angeles and New York each in the beginning of June.

Good Luck and Do Your Best will be released on May 27 via City Slang. Pick up a copy here.

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