Andrew Luce Releases 'Up To You' With Graves, Talks Daruma Collective, Label

By Ryan Middleton | Apr 29, 2016 03:47 PM EDT

18-year-old Andrew Luce has done more in his career already than most artists are able to do over the entirety of theirs. Just wrapping up a gig at Coachella, his live schedule is on the ascendance, while also running an artist collective Daruma, which has released tracks from buzzing names in the world of electronic music like Havok Roth, Electric Mantis, Luca Lush and others. Now he is taking the next step and launching Daruma as a label with the first release coming from him and Graves titled "Up To You," featuring Chelsea Cutler.

Speaking to Music Times, Luce said that the main goal for expanding Daruma to a label was provide a safe place for like-minded artists and make a little money along the money. "These days, since the market of music is getting so saturated due to how accessible everything is, people do all kinds of things for free just to get there music out there."

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He notes that things will be challenging to get fans on board to spend any money on music. "By providing an easy to work with label with great distribution, we're hoping that more artists can feel comfortable putting their music out to masses greater than just those on Soundcloud."

The biggest challenge says Luce is "having patience and dealing with conflicting ideas" since there are more than 25 people involved in the project. That diversity can be a challenge, but also "provides for a lot of great opinions that have turned Daruma into what it is today."

The first release comes from its founder Andrew Luce, linking up with Graves and Chelsea Cutler. The track started with a demo Luce got from Cutler in December. He then linked up with Graves to try and get him on the collective and once everyone got on the same page, thing went smoothly.

As for the future of the label, he doesn't place any limits on it as long "as it's good music." The focus thus far has been hip-hop and R&B, but there are some poppy and electronic tracks in the pipeline and he is excited to continue growing with more diverse music.

After playing Coachella these past few weekends, Luce will continue touring over the next few weeks including in New York City tonight and Los Angeles tomorrow. Check out his itinerary here.

Listen to the silky smooth "Up To You" below and pick up the track on iTunes. Get ready for much more from Daruma.

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