K-Pop's Astro to Embark on First Asia Tour Shortly After 'Spring Up' Debut

By Denise Nequinto | Aug 19, 2016 06:43 PM EDT

Having just debuted in February of this year, K-Pop group Astro is already planning to go on their first ever concert tour all around Asia. The 6-member group from Fantagio Music, made up of Jin Jin, MJ, Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha, has been receiving a lot of attention since its debut just 6 months ago with the song "Hide & Seek" off of the debut album, Spring Up. The group came back last July with the song "Breathless" from a 2nd mini album titled Summer Vibes.

Mwave news reports that according to a representative of the group's agency, "It's extraordinary that they are touring abroad after 6 months of debuting. With this concert as a stepping stone, ASTRO plans to begin global promotions."

Not many k-pop groups have a chance to go on their first solo concert tour right away. Sometimes, depending on the group's success, it can take a year to hit the road. For Astro to achieve this is a big feat in itself. Fellow rookie group Seventeen is another example of fast success, as they have also begun their first concert tour around Asia.

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The representative told kpop-map, "Astro has shown so much potential through their recent comeback. Their stage manners and heart-wrenching visuals have gotten them a lot of love calls from overseas ---They had broken into the Billboard World Album charts, performed in 2016 KCON in LA and will continue their international promotions through this upcoming Asia tour."

This will serve as another way for them to be able to get to meet their fans from other countries.

Even before their official debut tour, Astro has already become one of the groups to watch out for, having appeared as fictionalized versions of themselves in a web drama titled, To Be Continued, with labelmates and actors Seo Kangjoon and Kim Saeron. They have also been known for their dance covers of other k-pop groups as well.

Currently, Astro has just finished the promotion for "Breathless" and the group is now preparing for a mini live concert on the 27th and the 28th of August.

On September 3, Astro is scheduled to appear in a special episode of MBC's Show Champion in Manila, Philippines, alongside other acts like AOA, Gugudan, BAP, VIXX, BTS and Sonamoo. They will kick start the concert tour on the 29th of October with the first stop being Bangkok and will eventually release the details for other cities in Asia; Jakarta, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Check out the "Breathless" music video below:

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