Stream Carly Rae Jepsen's Sugary-Good Pop EMOTION Side-B Album

By Ryan Middleton | Aug 26, 2016 12:47 PM EDT

Carly Rae Jepsen released arguably the best pop album of 2015 with her third LP EMOTION. It never had the commercial appeal that one might expect for a pop album as critically acclaimed as it was, but that did not stop her from releasing an EMOTION Side-B album today that is almost as good as the first.

The new album consists of nine songs - almost all of which could have been included on the 2015 LP. The LP's standouts come mainly from the first half, like "Fever" and "Higher," while the playful "Store" can seem a little repetitive and childish at times.

It is a testament to Carly Rae's songwriting and her transformation as an artist that she is able to put out two albums that can vie for some of the best pop music put out in consecutive years. Side-B may not be just as good as the original, but it is still leagues ahead of most pop music.

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With the release of EMOTION Side B, Jepsen shared a note with her fans about why she decided to release this new album now instead of just saving these songs for her live show.

"Emotion Side B almost never was. Well, technically all the songs existed I just didn't think to share them until we toured," the singer writes. "But meeting many of you face to face, getting to share in one of the most joyful touring experiences of my life, all I wanted was to give back more of the feelings you all gave me. So this is for you guys, a B sides album full of some extra tunes we made on the journey to Emotion. I hope you enjoy. And thank you for making the past year so incredible. The memes, the covers, the parties, and the shows. You keep me inspired. So yeah... new album on the way... but here's something to hold yah over till then."

Stream the album below and pick it up on iTunes. Fans can also buy autographed CDs here.

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