Premiere: Dead Love Fear Wave Deliver Soothing New Single 'In The Morning'

By Ryan Middleton | Sep 27, 2016 11:33 AM EDT

If you are feeling a little down today, Manchester duo Dead Love Fear Wave have the track for you. They are preparing to release their new EP New Feeling, and we are unveiling a single "In The Morning" that carries the uplifting message "in the morning it'll be alright."

The soothing single carries a hazy fog over the vocals as singer Paul Eaton coos "alright" in the hook. A gentle guitar carries the track over steady percussion as all of the elements fit together into this easy-going song.

'In the morning is the most recent track we completed as part of the 'New Feeling' sessions. Some of the recording and arranging for this EP was quite intense so it was cool to finish with a really laid back vibe, it was a very relaxed song to produce with the improvised acoustic guitars taking the lead," says the band to Music Times.

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"Like the rest of the EP the vocal was cut in one or two takes. We have to thank Zorazelda King who heard the track and put down some backing vocals when we weren't about. She just sent the track back to us saying use them if you like, and we did! She brought something unique that we didn't originally expect to be honest. This track was always going to close the EP, like the end of the first chapter before moving on to the next."

Dead Love Fear Wave may be a pretty new group, but the two members come with a wealth of experience. It is comprised of songwriter Paul Eaton and producer Jim Spencer, who between them have worked with the liked of New Order, Oasis, The Charlatans and others.

"In The Morning" is the latest single to emerge from their upcoming EP New Feeling, which will be released this Friday, Sept. 30. Until then, listen to "In The Morning" here.

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