Hudson Mohawke Unveils First Single "Shanghaied" From 'Watch Dogs 2' Soundtrack

By Ryan Middleton | Oct 26, 2016 04:16 PM EDT

Glaswegian producer, Hudson Mohawke has been pretty quiet on the release front as the lead artist since he released his sophomore album Lantern last year. He has lent his hand on some productions for other artists, but now we know he has been working on the soundtrack for the upcoming video Watch Dogs 2. He has unveiled the first single from the score, "Shanghaied."

The single is a booming, frenetic production that ebbs and flows with the gameplay.

In a statement via Consequence of Sound, Mohawke spoke about working on the project and why he decided to do this one.

"I get really restless working on projects that are expected to fall within certain 'genres', when I've always made all kinds of music. Working on a soundtrack was a really exciting and refreshing prospect for me, especially considering the themes involved in the game are things I'm also passionate about. In 2016, this project, along with the ANOHNI LP, has allowed me to experiment and have the opportunity to reach new audiences with my music without needing a 'genre' stamp," Mohawke says.

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"I think that's why Ubisoft approached me to work alongside them in developing the game as a whole - I wanted to use the palette of some cult sci fi soundtracks but incorporating my own style. It's been a real learning experience and even a challenge at some points but very rewarding in terms of expressing myself creatively."

Artists are often included in video games, such as sport games or shooters, but it is rare for producers or bands to be tasked with coming up with a score specifically for that game. This is becomingly increasingly common in film and could become a new frontier as syncs rates lower, but is still a valuable way for artists to market themselves to new consumers.

The soundtrack will be released on Nov. 11 via the producer's label home Warp Records. The game will arrive four days later on Nov. 15. Watch the video for "Shanghaied," which brings it to life in the context of the game.

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