Lionsgate Wants To Have More 'Hunger Games' And 'Twilight' Sequels To Market

By Emily Joy Custodio | Aug 11, 2017 01:12 PM EDT

Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation is very hopeful for more "Hunger Games" and "Twilight" stories to tell, as it gives a hint of its plans to negotiate and convince its creators. A spinoff or installments of these blockbuster movies and best sellers is something that Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer targets to achieve. He has already expressed his intentions during a meeting with his analysts and although the figures of earning from it are still vague the success of his ideas is possible.

With the growing trend of remakes from animation to live-action, spinoffs, and reboots, Lionsgate just can't help but extend the success of these two movies and make more out of it. This is the reason why in a report from /Film, Lionsgate have already made "John Wick" from movies to tv, to comic books and explores more from its other profit-making products. Feltheimer believes that while these movies and best sellers stand on a firm ground, all the more that it needs a boost to create more stories and a big chance to market these stories.

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Without the presence of big authors "Twilight's" Stephenie Meyer and "Hunger Games" writer Suzanne Collins, Jon Feltheimer discussed with Wall Street his intentions to pursue sequels of these movies. If and only Meyer and Collins would take a lot bigger challenge to bring back their overly-wretched protagonists.Based on a report from Variety, a collaboration with exhibitors and studios and digital distributors will bring the film straight to home viewing.

However, Feltheimer may have only cited the advantages of his ideas and did not see the bigger picture considering the theater owner's profits. Even though he would be able to put together a research for this, the big authors would have to think twice if they are willing to twist their stories. The original readers of their books will still be the judge as they have already built their imaginations of these stories from start to end.

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